Hi, I'm Maria Busqué.

Harpsichordist & Pianist, Resonance Trainer, Piano Teacher

I help classical musicians be happier, in a fundamentally insane industry.

Yup, I just did that. I promised you happiness.

The happiness when you step down a stage, certain that you played how you know yourself.

The joy after a fantastic practice session where you feel just great, physically and mentally.

The delight when you notice your student is playing differently because he or she is actually listening differently.

I invite you to be fascinated by process, not results.

Most of us seek more holistic approaches to performing and teaching. But this idea is worthless if we can't apply it in our music and our everyday lives.

That's where I come in.

I can show you how to apply this holistic intention in your practical experience, finally, once and for all.

This industry is seeking strong artistic personalities more than ever, it seeks new audiences who engage with music (i.e. your students), but it keeps asking for perfection, which is the exact opposite.

This game is flawed, and you don't need to play it.

Because as soon as you are fascinated by the process, the by-product will be a memorable performance, a memorable teaching experience for you and your students: from the inside out.

How do we do this?

You and I work together with your instrument, on your playing (o singing) itself, giving you the tools to achieve what you're looking for: more ease, joy, and freedom on stage, in the classroom and in your practice room.

Think of it as an instrument lesson, but without the fluff, without the teacher's ego and without the BS. I'm fiercely on your side - and promise to support you with my experience as a teacher and performer.

My work is for people who are seeking answers, who are longing to know what's possible. I don't teach technique. I teach what goes beyond that. I teach organics.
Do you want to know more? See how we could work together.

"After working with Maria for a short time, I really felt a release of body tension, and the voice suddenly soared effortlessly in difficult passages!"

Patricia Holtzmann, soprano, Berlin

Movement, sound and emotion depend on each other.

Let me show you how. See how we could work together.

"Working with Maria has revolutionised my playing by connecting it more clearly to my body and forces like gravity, speed, and balance, and freed me of longstanding pain associated with music making, in my body as much as in my mind."

Shasta Ellenbogen, viola, Berlin

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