"You have to do different things with both hands at the same time!"

I was 10 years old at my first piano lesson, and only because my brother had insisted on receiving piano lessons, like his best friend, for months. My mum thought, if anything, then let's have both children go. But I didn't want to.

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Your student can't concentrate his way out of a paper bag? Or you're in an afternoon slump? Or you want to try something different with your students, get a second wind?

In that case, I recommend free improvisation.

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Your student comes into the lesson, and while he's unpacking his instrument he beams: "I practiced so much this week" "wonderful - let's hear!"

He plays his piece and stumbles, starting over a couple of times. Somehow, it doesn't seem to work. Until he finally gives up, saying "oh but I really cou...

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What do we ever learn during our musical studies? Case study with a double bass player.

Some years ago, while I was still in Resonance teacher's training, I once gave a double bass lesson. The musician was a student just before finishing his degree, and he was interested in trying out Resonance Training. His name was Alexander.

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"We believe he's very musical", his mum tells me on the phone. "He's always been drawn to music. We're looking for a kind teacher, so he can enjoy the piano, not become a professional."

She tells me about her 9-year-old son Tim and his previous experiences at the piano, which include about two years of lessons with a teacher whom she describes as "strict". Tim ended up crying at every lesson. After some time, he stopped going to piano, about one and a half years ago.

I make the math in my head. That must mean he started playing when he was 5 or 6 years old.

We arrange a trial lesson, and a few days later there they are, on my doorstep.

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