Workshops and seminars

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Voices from workshop participants

"I had no idea how much movement plays a role in the learning process of music, and how big the sound difference could be. The mix of easy and complex, theory and practical was just perfect."

"I was feeling held by the ground and moving freely, and it sounded amazing. Thank you! Also, great atmosphere! Your enthusiasm is catching."

"Thank you for your work with us this past weekend. It was helpful, inspiring, such that I have decided not to step back from my chamber projects, I've changed my mind. I'm looking forward to playing, enjoy practicing again. It's yet another Monday, and yet, everything has changed."

"I'm really doing those exercises you showed us, every day for 15-20 minutes. I'm already noticing a difference in my making changes as I play. When you said that I would need to practice less, I couldn't believe it. It makes so much more sense now."